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    I have the Business RDS radio & HK subwoofer with 6 cd changer pictured in this thread. After putting in the code I kept getting 'no discs' message for the cd player even though I could see them in the damn changer. pushing the button would not release the cassette, however I did find the solution after searching a forum or two so thought it might be worth adding here.

    Use a credit card under the cassette to manually release it, then press the eject button. Hopefully, like me, you will hear whirring & see the selector bar in the changer drop from top to bottom. Check that all the cd's are in the right place in the cassette, pop it back in & 'bingo' it should all start working.

    If not, you probably have at least 1 cd stuck somewhere & will have to take the lid off the changer to investigate.