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Exhaust rubber ring sliding off the middle hangers

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  • Exhaust rubber ring sliding off the middle hangers

    Hi folks,

    I've been spending some time on my z3mc after a while... and I've noticed the middle rubber exhaust rings have slid off the hangers on both sides. Probably because the mufflers aren't not stock, but Eisenmann.
    It was quite easy to put them the back on, but I think they will slide off it again.

    I was thinking if anyone had this problem and potential solution, how to secure those rubber ring in place?
    Picture below demonstrating the rubber ring that slid off the top hanger...

    Click image for larger version

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    There is a lip on the exhaust hanger thats should stop the rubber from moving so could it be the rubbers are worn and need replacing?

    Also the hanger appears to be in the lowest position so moving it up may help?

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        Thanks Dave, that's super helpful!

        I didn't notice the upper lip, maybe I've missed it - but if it's there it must be leveled, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to slide it back on so easily.
        Anyway If it's not there, I will replace these hangers, I just hope they are still available from BMW!


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          These are around £7 on ebay direct from BMW.


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            I just got them today, still available, paid 12eur per piece.