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Squeally brakes - MY EARS…..

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  • Squeally brakes - MY EARS…..

    I’ve recently had an update of the braking end of things with new OEM discs, Pagid blue pads and braided hoses.
    The car stops fine, but the brakes squeal horrendously now, particlularly when warmed up, and not just when braking, when turning left say, when there is some slight turning load.

    I never had any issue like this with the Yellow Stuff, although I know most people don’t rate those.
    Is this possibly the disc/pad combo? All the obvious stuff like copper grease has been looked at.
    S54 Seca Blue - ACS Short shift and Exhaust. Luverly.

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    Slightly odd that it squeals more on turning - if everything is correctly fitted this shouldn't happen? Obvious question, but you haven't got a bent dust shield or something?

    Have you tried removing and refitting everything?
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      Yep. What happening I think is the dust accumulates as I drive so it gets worse and worse and then clears out after I do some reasonable braking. Place I got them is replacing them I think so will try these again.
      S54 Seca Blue - ACS Short shift and Exhaust. Luverly.