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    Morning All,

    I just wanted to add my experience with ML to this part of the forum. I had my S50 serviced there this week, in for an Inspection 2. While there they found a host of wear and tear bits that needed doing (wishbone bushes, track rod ends, rear top mounts, rear wiper motor, missing exhaust mount, block valve....)

    The service, wishbones, track rod-ends, tracking and top mounts were all done. The jammed wiper was investigated, found to be completed rusted solid and therefore disconnected to prevent it heating up and causing more issues (a re-con part is on order from FAB now).

    Total cost was £1305, with the car going back for the block valve in a month or two.

    The level of service I got from these guys was faultless. When they found something they told me preceisly what was wrong, unlike the last main dealer I took the car to who wanted £100 to investigate each 'potential' fault they found. I had a really good chat with Alex when I picked the car up and can quite happily say that I'll be using Munich Legends to maintain my car from now on.

    The have some fantastic cars in their showroom at the moment too. I had a brief nose around their M1 and the stunning 3.0CSL in there. If anyone is thinking of using ML for their servicing I would definitely recommend them.

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    Hi David,

    Interested to know how they could tell that rear top mounts were worn without taking away all the rear carpet to have a look?

    Were they doing something else to the suspension at the same time?



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      The told me the rubber was split.....I would hope this is something that can be seen from underneath the car while checking it over. Is it???


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        To be honest I am not sure which was the reason for asking. My understading was that you cant even see the top mounts until you have spent about an hour removing the boot trim.....

        I was thinking about having the mounts replaced due to the cars mileage but not sure that they need doing and from reading other posts getting the carpet out sounded like the only way to get to them to be able to see thier condition.


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          You can get a hand on them and feel that they're knackered without taking all the trim out. Also, when mine went, you could hear them knocking when you rocked the car when it was stationary. I suspect with a bit of experience the sound is pretty distinctive.



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            I think the access to the fixings is impossible without removing the boot trim, but you can probably see and inspect the rubber from under the car.

            All I'll say is that the ride felt noticably improved on my drive into work today and I was always expecting to replace the mounts at some point in my ownership - so I'm happy. It's done and the car feels good.


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              After very recently buying an ex-Munich Legends S50 that has had it's last two services and other work done there I am really unsure as to where to take it from now on.

              Their reputation seems to be second to none and I would love them to carry on looking after the car but 234 miles is a long way for a service!

              I wish there was someone up North so highly respected.


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                Just picked up my MC after it went in for a partial gearbox strip & detent spring replacement, stainless clutch hose fitment and some 'bits & bobs' type tidying work, and can't say enough good things about these guys.

                They are enthusiastic & knowledgeable, and there is the potential to get 20% of their labour rate if you've been a customer before .......

                The M Coupe ... For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.

                Now ... S54: Sapphire Black/Black-Black/HK+6/Cruise/Sun Roof/H~Lamp wash///ACS Road Suspension/Rogue Engineering rear top mounts/Braided clutch hose
                RIP ... S50: Artic Silver/Black-Grey/HK+6/Cruise/Side 'bags/Grad Tint///ACS Short Shift/Strong Strut/K&N/HIDs & Angels


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                  large article on munich legends in this months bmw cc magazine.


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                    Silver Coupe at ML getting some TLC,

                    anyone's car?



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                        Black M Coupe on forecourt of Munich Legends on tonight's Car SoS


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                          Very low mileage S54 on ML's facebook page,