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New catalytic converter for S54

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  • New catalytic converter for S54

    My engine warning light comes on every few months and it appears that the cat converter is on its last legs. Apparently BMW don't make them anymore. Any advice on where to get one that I can use in the UK? Or does anyone know of a specialist cat manufacturer? I've had this M Coupe for nearly 20 years (I had an S50 before that) so I'm pretty attached. I'm also pretty clueless about the technical side of cars. Many thanks

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    Not good that these parts are NLA,

    I wonder if a good exhaust fab shop could replace the old cats with after market units or whether a E46 M3 cats could be used as spares?

    I know the US S54 owners were converting thier cars to euro spec which may account for BMW running out.

    Looks like several BMW part sellers are still advertising them which may show they have recently become NLA and the vendors are not aware yet.
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      Many thanks Dave. I've forwarded the link to my garage.


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        Good luck, hope you can find a set


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          Not sure but these may be available again from BMW ?