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S50B32 Vanos repair/refurb

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  • S50B32 Vanos repair/refurb

    I have bought a rebuild set for my vanos from Beisan and intend to get it done as some stage , I had a new vanos fitted under warranty in 2003 and looking at it I think it

    was a new part rather than refurbished so its only done around 20k miles . I have been told that wear can cause problems on higher mileage vanos casings where the

    solenoids sit meaning a new casing is needed.

    So the question is if you get someone to fit you a nice rebuilt shiny vanos with new uprated seals and bolts but inside has wear that cannot be seen are you wasting your £900 ?
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    Picture taken from ebay showing the area where the wear can be,


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      A PO of mine had rebuilt the VANOS (S50) about 12 years/10k miles ago. There was a very slight tick when warm and when the revs descended. I could’ve opened it up and investigated further but I decided to get Mr VANOS to fit one of his refurbished/re-machined units. It’s as good as a brand new unit and I have peace of mind for another 20 years/100k miles.


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        This video with Mr VANOS is very informative. Steve is a fount of knowledge and great to chat to. He also did clearances and gaskets whilst he had mine open.
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          I think with mine I am better getting it refurbed rather than getting a replacement of unknown mileage so that the casing and solenoids will still be low mileage. Also much

          cheaper to get my local inde to do the work than get someone to come to me.
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            With Mr V's reputation, I was happy to pay a small premium knowing that the replacement unit was prepared to an 'as new' standard. He also drove down from Darlington to Bath and fitted it on the driveway.

            To your original question though, I think it depends on whether you have any symptoms, so can you gauge whether there has been any improvement, and how much you trust the person doing the work.