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  • Current Market?

    Hi all. I'm based in New Zealand and not using my M Coupe. It's garaged in Scotland. Black S54. I'm curious what the market is doing at the moment?

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    I’d say the classic car market is just plodding along, things are holding steady, maybe some increases in prices with the top notch stuff. The lightly used market 1-5 years old has gone through the roof!! I’ve seen stuff go up in value by 25 - 30% in the last year


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      Unsure about the M Coupe market, arguably it may have been better a year or so back, it seems to fluctuate a bit, but at the same time there aren’t that many about at the moment and good ones tend to sell.
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        I think nearly every M Coupe that has been advertised for sale has been posted up on the forum so if you search "new listings" it will give you details and asking prices over the last few years.

        I think the market may have cooled slightly but difficult to gauge with so few cars coming on the market. Good luck with a quick sale if you decide to.