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Silverstone Classic meet 2012

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  • Silverstone Classic meet 2012

    Plans Are being discussed to hold The "Z" of all "Z" meets-------in UK.Z,s 1-3-4-8 +

    2 introductory bits + an update - look through this thread for other info.

    "The official BMW Car Club GB celebrates it’s 60th anniversary in 2012. The Club, which provides products services and events which enhance the enjoyment, value and experience members achieve from the their cars, are planning a number of events to help celebrate this landmark achievement.

    One such event will be the first UK Z-Fest. The Club will be holding an event for 500 Zeds at Silverstone Classic 20 – 22 July, with the main gathering on Saturday 21st July. Zed specialists and other attractions will be on hand, but the highlight of the day will be a parade lap of the GP circuit for all the assembled Zeds.

    Club members and non members, in fact drivers of any BMW are welcome to join the Club on their display in the infield, but this year we wanted to do something special to mark our anniversary.

    There are approaching 50,000 Zeds registered in the UK. At the Z Fest all Zed models will be on display; from the rare and collectable Z1, produced from 1988 to 1991 of which there are 114 registered in the UK, the classic styled Z3 which was produced from 1996 to 2002 which is still a common sight on the roads with 21,000 still on DVLA’s books. Of course the Z4 will feature too. Production of these began in 2003 and continues today with approaching 30,000 being registered in the UK. The iconic and James Bond featured Z8 will also make an appearance. There are just 99 of these 1999 to 2003 cars registered in the UK.

    Club members and specialist forums are already backing the event and planning a number of cruises and convoys to the Silverstone circuit. This really is going to be something special and THE event for Z enthusiasts both in the UK and on the continent.

    Contact Silverstone Circuit now for special discounts on advance ticket purchases before 31 March: Club booking code C12112.
    Silverstone can be contact by telephone on 0871 231 0849 or on line at"

    The BMWCCGB are hosting a zed festival at the Silverstone Classic from 20 – 22nd July 2012. We are endeavouring to gather approximately 500 zeds together on Saturday 21st July that will culminate in a parade lap of the circuit at around 6pm by all zed participants. It will be a fantastic spectacle!

    The Silverstone Classic booking office has now opened and we have received a club discount code (C12112) to enable zed owners displaying their cars with us on the special BMWCC area to receive buy one, get one free entrance tickets. As well as the entrance tickets you’ll receive an infield display parking pass at the lowest possible purchase price up until March 31st. Note that you will need to nominate the car you will take, as the model and the registration number will be pre-printed onto the pass. Have these details available when you make your booking. Optional on site hotel room or camping facilities are also bookable at the same time.

    To be a part of THE zed event of 2012 then register your zed with Dave P via this thread and book your tickets at to ensure your participation – DON’T FORGET TO USE THE DISCOUNT CODE!

    Dave P will keep the first post up to date with participant details and will advise of numbers registered from other forums too. Remember to keep an eye on this thread for updates of what to expect on the day.

    Currently, numbers registered on other forums are as follows:
    28 from
    10 from
    6 from


    To make sure you dont waste time getting into the correct entry area, please study the "Car Club Infield Display " information sent with your ticket and windscreen car park area sticker.

    Enter as shown through car park 49, signed on Left side before roundabout. Allow time to get through the coned lanes, until the Ticket Check. Once clear, proceed to T Junction and turn Right. After 100 Mtrs on Left side note sign BMWCCGB to turn LEFT into our Display area.

    Please pay attention to the Club's HiViz Marshals, and take direction to colour coded parking areas:

    Z1 - Green
    Z3 Roadster/Coupe - Red
    Z4 Roadster/Coupe - Blue

    Please look out for individual signs in these areas for Model types as requested by a number of owners.

    In view of the weather conditions suffered at the parking areas, please ensure YOU drive slowly on our grass display area at all times, and treat OUR Marshals with Respect at all times - remember, they are trying to help you to enjoy this event.

    It probably goes without saying but just to make sure - be CAREFUL when you open your doors to ensure that you don't ding the adjacent car.

    ...and do try and park in a straight line, it looks so much better on the photos

    Thanks for your understanding and let's have a great zedfest!
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    ZedFest 2012

    500 + Zeds required.
    2001 S54


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      Hey John - remember me?!

      Let me know if you need some co-ordination on the Z4MC front - I switched back to a BMW coupe following a brief affair with a sexy red Italian - an incredible mistress but not suitable as long-term relationship material...

      Anyway, I'm also BenH over here. Bought the Z4MC with CSL wheels already on, and fitted a GruppeM induction kit myself a month ago which has been a revelation in terms of the improved noise

      Hope all izzzzzzzz well with you! Cheers



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        The Year of ZZZzzzs +

        Hi Ben---Good to hear from you once again.Sometimes those Sexy Italian ladies can make one forget All those previous ZMC adventures, you now have a great replacement.

        We are now at the planning stage for celebrations of 60 years BMW Car Club GB. 2012 is also Olympic year in UK--so a Special reason to organise an event to remember. Lots of ideas as to where the event should be located--and a thousand other questions of what would appeal to owners--ONE subject was Not a problem-which model to highlight?

        We will post up as and when details are sorted----354 days!!! to go!!


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          Originally posted by BenH View Post
          .....and fitted a GruppeM induction kit myself a month ago which has been a revelation in terms of the improved noise

          Sorry to go off topic but would like to know some more about this?!
          2002 '52 S54 - Titanium Silver with 18" BBS LMs, AP Racing BBK, KW V3, H&R anti roll bars & ACS flippers (previously 2000 'X' S50 - Arctic Silver)


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            The event sounds a great idea too!
            2002 '52 S54 - Titanium Silver with 18" BBS LMs, AP Racing BBK, KW V3, H&R anti roll bars & ACS flippers (previously 2000 'X' S50 - Arctic Silver)


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              Post on GruppeM here


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                Cheers Ben!
                2002 '52 S54 - Titanium Silver with 18" BBS LMs, AP Racing BBK, KW V3, H&R anti roll bars & ACS flippers (previously 2000 'X' S50 - Arctic Silver)


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                  The "BIG 500" ZED Meet 2012---Silverstone Classic Event ???

                  If its IN the clubs Straight Six magazine as a No 1 contender--it Must be true.So as the Classic dates have not been agreed, due to the FIA not agreeing F1 dates for 2012--we must wait awhile for confirmed July dates---But! 20/23 looks good or 27/29 as an outsider.


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                    another M coupe record attempt anyone?


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                      I love it when a plan comes together....!

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                      2002 '52 S54 - Titanium Silver with 18" BBS LMs, AP Racing BBK, KW V3, H&R anti roll bars & ACS flippers (previously 2000 'X' S50 - Arctic Silver)


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                        I'd be up for that! I didn't see any at this year's classic though...


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                          2011 Classic Stone

                          Why was that?


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                            Originally posted by ZZZEMMCO View Post
                            Why was that?
                            Not sure, I was wandering around for a whole day and didn't see any.

                            Given the questionable quality of the cars on the 'lunchtime lap' (Loads of MGBs, Sprites, M3s etc - cheaper and more common than ours) I'd have thought there would've been some M Coupes out there.

                            I'd have loved to have done a lap! I'm not sure how one gets invited to though.


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                              THE Stone Classic

                              Each year drivers of any club can enter for a whistle stop tour of the counties around the Stone--50/60 miles following different start points--all to arrive at the meeting and then take part in a Lap or 2 on the circuit.£££££ Thankyou--goodby.

                              2012--THE 500 Zedfest---?