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'Flop Gear' - Comments and reviews here of the new series

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  • 'Flop Gear' - Comments and reviews here of the new series

    One more time:

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    Top Gear Extra is much better.

    But, yes agreed, pretty average.

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      Can't comment on the whole episode... I switched off after 20 minutes, bored.
      Not actually in the least bit fat

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        I just watched it as my little one was up bright and early (6am on a Bank Holiday, it's just not on!). Entertaining enough but I think the pair of them will grate quite quickly, especially since the only change was they now make the guests walk on and we have an off-road section of the race track....
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          Originally posted by KnightsG View Post
          Top Gear Extra is much better.

          But, yes agreed, pretty average.
          Just seen this. Much better, more technical and better presented.
          Are they running both shows side by side to let people choose which works?

          Keep Chris Harris, Sabine and Rory with a new style show, ditch Chris Evans and Matt, it's just too awkward.


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            Very average yesterday, let's see how it develops.
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              Sum say ! pretty big shoes to fill !


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                Very average indeed. I quite liked Matt but Chris was just annoying throughout. Will continue to watch moving forward simply because I love fast cars.
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                  Like a crap tribute band with a shouty singer


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                    Chris Evans voice does my head in but I'll still have to watch it for the cars


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                      Matt Le Blanc is too cool for Chris to cope with, and all he did was shout the entire studio parts - you could even heard the echo.


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                        I enjoyed it but I have to say I think I enjoyed Extra Gear even more. Chris Harris on the Nomad was a highlight

                        Build thread:


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                          I got the impression it was all a bit over acted and forced, but saying that so was the original. I have always wanted Chris Harris to do the main show, ok he is not an actor/natural show host but at least he knows about cars, gives an informative opinion on the car in hand and God he knows how to drive!
                          I personally got fed up with all the stupid experiments and games years ago, just drive the bloody things and tell us what they are like?
                          Does anyone actually now know anything about the new Viper? All I saw/heard about was guns and chasing each other, cos that's what matters right? Load of s*it. Plus who gives a toss about a couple of three wheelers anyway!

                          Maybe the producers will see that Chris Harris is the man for the job but for the moment it's just a bit of a shame to see him only having the side show.

                          Rant over.


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                            I think Harris was very very good, the camera work he's been doing for the past few years has obviously eased him in to TV show and made him look very natural and relaxed IMO. I think it would be very possible that he starts making appearances on the main show.

                            The other guy not so much, seems a bit too generic "wants to be a TV presenter", and he thinks a blacked out X5 is cool.


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                              I agree also. As I watched (and that time passed very slowly) I thought about why I used to watch it. The reason very clearly is the self deprecating / Alan Partridge / middle aged car enthusiast humour that the previous 3 used to promote. The new version (predictably enough) was like TFI Friday with cars in it. And whilst I admire Chris Evans' genuine enthusiasm for cars I don't particularly care for his presenting style.

                              So on the basis that there are more car shows / media out there than I have time to watch, I will be giving up on this. No great drama in that, just evidence of what a great job the previous 3 did.

                              I thought Leblanc was quite cool and could imagine that working well with other presenters. Now that I think about it him re-teaming up with Stephan Mangan from "Episodes" would work very well in this format I think. My 3rd presenter would then be Steve Coogan.

                              On a point of detail I thought the reliant robin challenge lacked any context. The previous 3 always seemed to weave a narrative around the challenges and played a role in choosing the cars themselves. This was just "let's drive 2 convertible robins a long way in the rain, purely for the sake of being wacky".

                              But Chris Evans fans will love it.....