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Front right suspension arm - inner ball joint.

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  • Front right suspension arm - inner ball joint.

    Hi - I've skimmed through the history but only found a note that 'it's tricky to remove the 22mm nuts from the top side of the subframe."
    Is there a neat hack to removing this nut, managed to remove the LHS one by removing the airbox and using a universal link on my socket, easy enough. The access from above on the RHS looks very limited and from below not a lot better.
    Any tips/hints much appreciated before I get medieval on it - cheers.

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    Hi Bruce - I did mine recently as part of a front end overhaul by using a standard ring spanner from below. I approached from the front with the under tray off. Not much space to work with down there, so it took some time and patience, but was fairly straightforward. A few guides on line - I used Pelican Parts a lot - very clear instructions.


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      Thanks for that, I'll get on with it tomorrow.
      Front end overhaul for me too - if you need front top mounts apparently the nearside one isn't available from BMW until September


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        Well, as it happened, after I'd removed everything, I had to put the right side control arm back on, as Harry Fairbairn is waiting for delivery of supplies. Been 3 months now...