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  • ACS Parts Yes or No

    Hi everyone

    I thought I wasn't keen on the ACS Parts until recently.

    I went up to Wigan to see the Dakar ACS and it was soooo dam cool!! Unfortunately it had so many different colour yellows on it and it really wasn't a great feeling about it at all so I didn't even make an offer.

    What's your thoughts??? And please post your pictures below



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    Personally I like them - I have ACS flippers on mine & also pedals in an ACS style. I'd love an ACS rear spoiler also but have had to "make do" with a Hamann one & matching rear diffuser for now.
    I also have the same exhaust as ACS sell but it's the Remus version so has different tail pipes but mechanically it is the same.

    Not generally a big fan of aftermarket stuff stuck to cars but ACS and Hamann do make their stuff look almost "OEM/factory" and I think they're subtle enhancements that are generally only noticed by the trained eye...

    The only ACS stuff I'm a little unsure of is the wheels - I like the ones DaveP has on his, but many of the two-tone ones they do just look a bit gash & trying to hard to me - mostly they seem to be bought up by the Americans.
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      AC Schnitzer gallery with hundreds of pictures,

      The parts still command high prices so you could always remove and maybe get money back when replacing with standard parts.


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        I think as ACS was an official BMW partner on those days, the parts are almost considered factory accessories (and were sold in dealers). I think the front flippers are a must on the Coupe. The boot spoiler looks good but looks works best on cars with larger wheels to carry it off. Wheels I'm less keen on as they lose the dish on the rear ( it would have been awesome if they'd developed an 18" Roadstar setup).


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          AC Schnitzer parts were dealer sold options back in the 90's and early 2000's until BMW decided to bring out their own products under BMW performance banner. The ACS parts could be ordered and fitted by your dealer and included BMW warranty. The parts all had to meet BMW's "quality" and TUV approval I think. I believe all parts like aero and suspension were fully tested and had to offer benefits over standard parts. For some reason the MR/MC range of parts appeared to be made in small quantities and fairly limited compared to other model ranges so parts like the diffuser and fog light kit were no longer available soon after introduction. Its a shame more parts were not produced like strut braces arb's and a carbon airbox as I am sure they would have sold .