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  • Bit of rust?

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        Wow, never seen one that bad!

        Build thread:


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          Another very rusty sill this time on a X reg Z3 Roadster,


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            Originally posted by Dave P View Post
            Another very rusty sill this time on a X reg Z3 Roadster
            More of a concern is what that looks like underneath. Mine didn't look too bad on the sill covers, but underneath the inner sills needed a full rebuild...

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              My sill covers looked fine, just a little brown on the edges... until they were taken off - then you could see they were like doylies at each end!
              But the actual sills themselves were absolutely fine. Needed a little cleaning up but nothing untoward.

              Did find a bit of rust on mine this week though - looks like sometime over the last couple of months I've picked up a stone chip on the leading edge of the driver's door and presumably with all the salt around it's got in and blistered the paint. I don't usually plan to use it til April, but I moved house in Feb, so had to get it MOT'd (which it promptly failed on a seized caliper) so did a few unplanned miles getting that sorted, and then had to move it to my new house - where it sat uncovered through storm Eunace and went unwashed because all my time was taken up with getting moved in - only last week did I get around to cleaning it and I did fear I'd find some paint issues - I wasn't disappointed.

              All this said, the big area of rust on any M-Coupe from what I have seen is around the sunroof, and it's totally concealed until the glass comes out - I will be probably having that seen to next winter. I've no idea what mine looks like there but whatever state it's in, I can't imagine it wouldn't benefit from being cleaned up and having some preventative measures taken to ensure longevity...
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                Saw this on another forum - UK car,