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Refurb on Z3 M Coupe (1/18 scale)

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  • Refurb on Z3 M Coupe (1/18 scale)

    Been meaning to do this work for about 18 months. I bought the model years ago but it was minus roof ariel and passenger side mirror (LHD) which meant it was cheap (about £35 if I recall), then at Silverstone in 2022 whilst browsing around the stalls noticed a 1/18 scale Mini Cooper had a very similar shaped door mirror. I was a bit battered but only cost me £8. When I got home with it, the mirror was near enough the same shape with bonus it had a roof ariel. Removed from the Mini and put to one side in the garage toolbox. The missus said the other day when dusting the study just when are you going to fix this damned model. Right, no time like the present.

    Touch of Comos Black paint and job done.
    Only took 45 minutes. If only it was that easy and quick on full sized car.

    I tried a few years ago to make, unsuccessfully, a mirror after taking a cast from Bernie's similar model. This refurb work has been totally successful.
    Pete C

    2000 Z3M Coupe - Cosmos Black Metallic/Black interior. 805 of 821 RHD built

    Previous BMWs

    2003 E46 M3 6 speed manual - Carbon Black/Black interior.
    2000 Z3M Coupe - Cosmos Black Metallic/Black interior. 692 of 821 RHD built
    1986 M635
    1985 E28 M5
    1983 E28 528i Alpina

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    ha ha ,good work.any excuse to get in the garage or shed.just been doing the same with a mamod steam car


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      Hi Pete,

      were is the 1/18 scale coolbox to go in the boot?
      1999 BMW Z3M Coupe - Estoril Blue