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    Hello Peeps

    The time has come to start a new projekt, ProjektZMC

    I had my E36 HartgeProjekt for 5 years and decided it was time to move onto something else, I pretty much decided after the BMW SantaPod 2009 show that it was time.

    I was looking to sell the E36 and only then start looking for the new car, I was aiming for a low miles S54 version but the prices were up and down like a yo-yo and around £3-6k more compared to the S50 version.

    After ALOT of convos and messages with Ram (lowvdub) he sent me a message that a car had turned up for sale and being a top chap he is he went to check it out for me.
    After checking the car out Ram called me up and said mechanically the car was spot on, FBMWSH, even some of the MOTs were done at BMW. Paintwork wise there was the odd bumpers and scraps being from the heart of London. I wasn't really fussed about the bodywork as I was mainly looking for sorted and low miles engine. Generally speaking the car was spot on for what I was looking for.

    The seller was holding out for an extra £500 I think it was, so I told Ram to leave my number with him and if he changes his mind give me a call. 20mins later he calls Ram saying Ad can have the car!

    Flashforward -> 1 long ass week later -> Train booked To London -> Seller picks me up -> 2hrs driving around -> Now a Z3 MC Owner :smt005 (went to see Ram's Batmobile after this LOL)

    Big thanks for Ram for checking out the beast for me and constant nagging LOL

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    Welcome to the Forum. Car looks good. Get your name down for the Gaydon Meet in August.
    Strongstrut CL front brace-Yellowstuff pads/Castrol SRF race brake fluid-Rogue top mounts/Rear support bushes-H&R ARBs-Whiteline droplinks-Bilstein Sport shockers-H&R Springs-Black Halo Angel Eye headlight units-Sachs lightweight flywheel/matching clutch-Supersprint exhaust/race catalysers-BBS RSGTs with Falkens-K&N High Flow Air Filter-Recaro Pole Position seats - Exdos mod - ACS flippers


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      welcome to the forum car looks good and in the best colour


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        Thanks guys, I dont think it will be at the Gaydon meet this year as it will be undergoing mods LOL


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          looks great, remember it for sale. nice one

          Click here to email me


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            Thanks Indy :)

            1st set of mods - Suspension overhaul

            Parts waiting for:
            KW Variant 3 Coilovers

            All new parts received:
            - Full Powerflex kit:
            - Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bush x 2
            - Front Anti Roll Bar Mounting Bush x2
            - Rear Beam Bush x 2
            - Rear Trailing Arm Outer Bush x 2
            - Rear Trailing Arm Inner Bush x 2
            - Rear Anti Roll Bar Mounting Bush x 2

            - Tie Rod Ends Left and Right
            - Front Top Mounts
            - New Rear Bump Stops and Protection Tube
            - Front Protection Tube
            - Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Links
            - Differential Bush, Washer, Nut and Bolt

            Other Bits/Parts:
            - Hammerite Underbody Seal
            - Hammerite Black Paint
            - Hammerite Smooth Silver Paint
            - Paint brushes

            - 10mm Spacers

            The car will be going down to Sean @ Iridium Engineering for the following:

            - Remove complete rear axle
            - Underseal underside of car
            - Clean & paint rear axle parts
            - Install full Powerflex kit
            - Remove existing & refit new suspension inc top mounts
            - Renew diff fluid with Royal Purple Max Gear 75w140
            - Reconnect brake hydraulics and pressure-bleed with AP Racing PRF600 brake fluid

            Also here is my first exterior mod lol


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              am glad to see people like yourself, keith and ram have had their hands on cars like these

              makes the reading worthwhile!

              and the cars are getting the real treatment they need at this age

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                Looking forward to seeing/reading your exploits
                VIDEO or Journal


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                  Good luck with the journey.:-)
                  Out: 99 S50 Titan Silver V876 KKO
                  In: 98 S50 Estoril.......


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                    Originally posted by Jonttt View Post
                    Looking forward to seeing/reading your exploits
                    and welcome to the forum


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                      Looks ok I guess


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                        Originally posted by S50Missile View Post
                        Thanks Indy :)

                        1st set of mods - Suspension overhaul

                        - Rear Trailing Arm Outer Bush x 2
                        - Rear Trailing Arm Inner Bush x 2
                        I fitted a set of those little buggers three years ago and recently removed them and gone back to OEM trailing arm bushes. They squeak like mice and over the past 3 years I tried several different lubricants to eliminate this and nothing worked permanently. I've done loads of mods to my MC and this was the only mod I regretted doing.

                        Now I'm back with OEM trailing arm bushes the ride is also so much better. I'd advise you to think twice about changing the TA bushes.
                        /// Exdos ///
                        "Men who try the impossible and fail spectacularly are infinitely superior to those who reach for nothing and succeed" --Napoleon Bonapart


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                          Thanks mate, I will try out the bushes see what they are like as Ive bought them now anyway.

                          Just looking into getting a full respray as Im not a fan of Estoril LOL!


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                            Finally turned up!

                            fanks Lowvbm


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                              More parts have turned up now:

                              Aero Side Skirts
                              Aero Front Bumper
                              Brake Fluid Tank
                              Coolant Tank

                              Another update next week :)